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How To Warm Up Before You Play? | GOLF FIT BY OLLY

Do you warm up before you play a round of golf? If not, why not?

I know finding time to warm up before a game can be difficult, especially when a game itself takes so long. It may also be embarrassing for you performing drills on the range that to others looks a little silly. But I can guarantee you this, if you do an effective warm up, it will almost certainly improve your chances of playing well as you prepare the body for the athletic tasks ahead.

That’s right, golf and especially the golf swing is an athletic movement, so to think you can swing effectively and efficiently without warming up then I’m afraid you are very much mistaken.

Almost all tour players these days will be doing some kind of warm up drills before they even step foot on the range.

So here’s my gift to you… this video below is usually only for the members of my Golf Fit By Olly program. But my ultimate goal is to help as many golfers as possible start feeling great, looking good and to playing better golf. And part of that process is to warm up, so this one is on me.

This can be done either on the range, in the locker room or at home before you set off to the club as long as your drive is no longer than 30 mins. The band you can see me using in the video can be purchased from either amazon or eBay and are relatively cheap but extremely useful. I’m using the black light band: AMAZON LINK

So give this warm up below a go and let me know how you get on.



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