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Sway or Slide? | GOLF FIT BY OLLY

Do you sway or slide in your golf swing?


I’m sure as a golfer you will have heard these terms before but do you suffer from them in your golf swing? And if so do you know why this could be happening?

Swaying and / or sliding is a swing fault that features the hips moving laterally during the golf swing. On the backswing the hips will slide back towards the back foot and then during the downswing the hips will slide excessively forward towards the front foot, meaning the hips are not staying as stable as they should, which can prove to be detrimental to consistent quality golf shots.

Why does it happen?

We use the hips to act as our central axis as our upper body rotates above them. When a player coils into a backswing, ideally posture is maintained as the upper body / torso rotates on this axis to create thorax-to-pelvis separation.

Now about 70% of players have good enough torso mobility to allow this movement to occur so why do they still sway?  The reason is because they have weak / inactive glutes, which are unable to control and stabilise the pelvis during this movement.

The only muscles that can properly stabilise the pelvis and allow such rotation and mobility are the glute maximus and glute medius in particular.

The glute maximus is the main stabiliser of the pelvis, while the glute medius is primary during lateral stabilisation. If working correctly, the glute medius works to prevent excessive lateral movement during the backswing and then into the lead leg during the downswing. Without this stabilisation, rotation is restricted and so the body resorts to the quickest way it knows how to generate more power, moving laterally. The result being a sway and/or slide motion.

So what can you do to help stop this shot killing move?

Well for starters here are 3 exercises taken from my Golf Fit program you can do today to increase the strength of your glute maximus and medius to help improve your pelvis stability in your swing.

1. Glute bridge – feet elevated

A simple glute activation drill using body weight only.

3-4 sets of 15 reps with a 30-45 second rest period.

Link to video of exercise: https://youtu.be/MCUTk0507d4


2. Single Leg RDL

A great exercise to help improve stability and balance that will focus on improving overall glute strength.

3-4 sets of 10 reps with a 30-45 second rest period.

Use a weight that challenges you without sacrificing form.

Link to video of exercise: https://youtu.be/l4GbcsiiNhw


3. Cable Anti – Rotational Step Back

A great exercise to help build stability and strength in the glute medius and core. In order to rotate effectively you must be able to also prevent rotation.

3-4 sets of 10 reps with a 30-45 second rest period.

Link to video of exercise: https://youtu.be/HvaOISSNZGA


If you found this article useful and feel like you would benefit from the information and  exercises prescribed then you will love my 12 week online Golf Fitness program.

My golf fitness program has been developed to help address issues such as these whilst helping you look, feel and play better golf.

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