Do you want to be able to hit the ball further?

Did you know that two of the major elements needed to be able to hit the ball further in golf are speed and power?

Now naturally we all have some ability to generate these but did you know we can enhance our own natural ability through sports specific training?

This means by applying a few basic fundamental exercises to your training routine you can indirectly improve your swing speed without even trying to swing harder.

So in this blog I wanted to share with you a few of these exercises you can start today to get you on your way.

Give them a go and let me know how you get on and if you’re interested in learning more about how training and nutrition can improve the way you play and look then be sure to check out my 12-week online golf fitness program.

Here we go…

1) Barbell Glute Bridge

A great exercise to initially activate the glutes. One of the key driving force muscles with any power move. You won’t see many athletes with weak or lacking glutes.

Place the barbell across the hips and you may need a pad for more comfort. Drive the hips to the ceiling, keeping the knees out and focus on pushing your weight through your heels.

Hold and squeeze the glutes hard at the top before returning and repeating.

To progress and increase more tension, simply add a small band just across the top of the knees, keeping tension on it at all times.

5 x 10 reps at a 21X1 tempo with a 60 sec rest.

2) Rack Pulls

An exercise that targets the entire posterior chain including the gluteus, hamstrings and lower back. These muscles are vital when generating raw power and speed.

This exercise is just basic so you can progress to more advanced Olympic lifting movements further down the line.

Make sure you maintain a good neutral spine throughout and only go just below the knee caps.

Rest the bar for a second on the frame of the rack before you explode up driving the glutes tight to bring the body into an upright position. Don’t hyperextend through as this will place too much load / stress on the lower back.

5-8 reps x 5 sets at a 21X0 tempo with a 90sec rest period.

3) Front Squat

The front squat is a quadriceps dominant movement which will also engage the abductors and the glutes as stabilisers.

This movement helps to develop quad strength and generate force in that anterior part of the body.

To ensure more emphasis is placed on the quads elevate your heels. This will also allow for a deeper movement whilst keeping the spine natural.

5 x 5-8 reps with a 31X0 tempo and a 90sec rest

4) Leg Curl

This exercise, although it may seem very basic, is a great way to develop strength in the hamstrings alone.

Strong hamstrings are vital for generating speed and power and this exercise focuses on isolating that larger muscle.

Strengthening the hamstrings also helps with injury prevention, which is the most common injury seen within sprinters.

Make sure you keep the pelvis fixed and lower the weight slowly with a fast explosive up phase.

Hamstrings are made up of fast twitch muscle fibers and so require load and speed to be worked effectively.

5 x 10 reps at a 31X0 tempo and a 60 sec rest period.

5) TRX Squat Jumps

The squat jump is an explosive variation of a basic squat using the TRX to help maintain posture. This exercise will help to increase power while at the same time help to strengthen and condition the key muscles used, it will also increase your anaerobic capacity which is the energy system used when sprinting.

If you don’t have a TRX you can use a long resistance band to help maintain that upright position.

5 x 10 jumps aiming to jump as high as possible with a soft landing. 90-120 sec rest period.

6) Dead Treads

Dead treads is a new type of running specific exercise that ensures you are turning the power you have just developed in the gym into actual movement against force.

It will help to develop accelerating power and sprinting speed and again your anaerobic capacity.

As it is a HIIT exercise it will also help in burning fat and building lean muscle mass. A win win all round.

Make sure the treadmill is off and by holding the handles directly in front, angle your body slightly down. Once in position drive the legs back in a running movement to accelerate the belt round using your own force and energy.

Build up as much speed as possible and once you’ve hit your target working time jump off with your feet to the side to allow the belt to slow down on its on accord.

10 x 15 seconds sprints with a 45 second rest period. Work 100% effort!


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