Golf exercises for flexibility

Golf exercises for flexibility are needed for good stability and mobility.

The key components to any golf swing are Stability, Mobility, Strength and Power. A good golf swing requires both stability and mobility at the same time. These two elements work hand in hand with each other. It’s one thing to know how to swing a golf club it’s another to have the stability and mobility to do it.

Take this for example…

Does your swing instructor grab your body or club and place it in the required desired position they seek? Once it’s there are you physically able to maintain or repeat this by yourself? If not then you need to know some Golf exercises for flexibility.

The flexibility of your muscles and joints is extremely important and most amateur golfers have restrictions and limitations here due to the nature of their daily habits and lack of corrective exercises.

By improving your flexibility you’ll not only have a more consistent swing, you’ll also see improvements in your power and therefore distance off the tee.

So here’s my top 5 exercises you can do to help improve your flexibility.

Do these golf exercises for flexibility 3-5 times a week and you’ll begin to see improvements on the course within the month.

1) Look and reach mobility drill – a great drill to improve thoracic rotation creating more spectating between the hips and the shoulders.

2) Hip flexor (groin) dynamic stretch – hip flexors for most become very tight due to been seated for long periods of time. Tight hip flexors can affect posture leading to early extension.

3) Thoracic spine, external shoulder and lat stretch – a great all in one exercise to help improve the upper body mobility.

4) Shoulder and chest resistance band opener – a nice exercise to help open up the chest area if you have rounded shoulders due to bad posture.

5) Internal / external hip opener – a super way to help improve hip mobility . Tight hips can lead to too much stress being placed on the lower back increasing the risk of injury.


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