A Full Body Workout For Golfers

It’s true, the majority of golfers may not look like athletes, but I guarantee that the successful ones on the tour are paying more attention to their bodies and the way it moves than ever before.

However, before you start throwing weights about in the gym mimicking what may look like golf-specific exercises, it’s essential that you establish some solid foundations. Foundations in terms of a mobility, stability, controlled strength with a good range of motion which in turn will increase your power output.

We all strive to play better golf, and part of playing better requires moving better.

Limited mobility and poor posture can lead to injuries that if not addressed can lead to time off from the game and may even end your playing career early.

The most common injuries being

  1. The lower back
  2. The knee
  3. The elbow

These three areas are defined as stable joints, what this means is that they have a limited range of movement in comparison to the joints surrounding them.

The knee, for example, is only really designed to flex and extend and has very little rotation movement. However the joint above it, the hip, and joint below, the ankle, have multiple ranges of movement.

Typically speaking for most people who have an issue with one of these three key prone injury areas, is because the surrounding joints aren’t mobile or strong enough during the swing and so thus places excessive stress on the stable joint as it tries to compensate to perform the action.

The mobile joints we have tend to become weak and immobile due to our lifestyle factors. We spend too much time sitting (at work, driving watching tv), wearing inappropriate footwear and generally just not moving enough.

In order to avoid these injuries and move better and ultimately play better, we must work on bringing our bodies back to gracefulness we had as a child before life de-conditioned us.

The full body workout below has been designed to do just that. Now even if you can only do this once a week it will still have beneficial effects, however, in an ideal world 2-3 session per week would be optimal with at least a day off between sessions.

Full body training comes with all the benefits as split training sessions, but with an easier schedule giving you the ability to balance your workout with your life. The session below should last you no longer than 45mins and it’s crucial you do the mobility warm-ups before hitting the weights section as this is a key component to the plan.